Each patient is unique and therefore requires a specialized and individualized treatment plan. Judith utilizes a holistic approach that may include:


Biofeedback is a therapeutic technique using sensitive instruments to measure and provide information about how our bodies respond to stress. Most of us are unaware of the subtle ways in which our bodies react to thoughts and emotions. Biofeedback gives us the opportunity for the first time to see that connection. Under the guidance of a qualified biofeedback practitioner, an individual can learn to successfully manage the way he or she responds to stress.


Neurofeedback is a non-drug alternative technique used in treating a variety of symptoms in children, adolescents, and adults. With the use of this technique it is now possible to assess brain function.  Neurofeedback training can change maladaptive brain wave patterns, and with reinforcement it can permanently restore normal brain wave function.


During hypnosis, an individual experiences heightened focus and concentration. Once in a relaxed state, you are more receptive toward changing a thought, feeling, or behavior you already have a desire to change.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is goal oriented and examines the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. People utilize CBT for many different reasons: To cope with disorders, Relieve stress, Improve relationships, Cope with loss, To understand themselves better, and to learn to live a more fulfilling life.


A Life Coach will teach you the necessary skills to reach your desired goals successfully in all aspects of your life.


Skype/Phone sessions are conducted in the same way that office-based sessions are conducted. Communication by Skype or phone with Judith is always private and confidential.

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